Not properly a Samba bug, but...

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Wed Feb 25 22:07:00 GMT 1998

>Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 18:26:07 -0300
>To: samba-bugs at
>From: Capriotti <capriotti at>
>Subject: Not properly a Samba bug, but...
>I'm sorry to be writting to BUGS, but it's just that I couldn't find
either the mailing list address or the FAQ maintainer address at the
Samba's HP !
>could I have it ?
>Anyway, I've been looking for some info that wasn't documented so far. I'm
running a FreeBSD 2.2.1 box with Samba 1.19.16p11 and a WinNT4 workstation
w/o SP3.
>First: When right clicking the server's icon, and choosing properties, a
popup windows returns the following message:
>The server [server_name] does not accept remote requests.
>ans then displays the information windows normaly.
>This is cosmetic, but the real problem is speed for mapping/accessing the
>When one tries to open a "save as" window, it takes a couple of minutes
until it opens; The My COmputer just freezes. Trying to map a driver takes
loooooonnng to be accomplished.
>I have already searched the diggest files, and I was about to write to the
lists, but I couldn't actually find their address.
>Any enligtment ?

One more for you guys:

I've installd Samba, worked with it for some time, andthen disconnected one
of the samba disks from my NT; Then I changed security level at smb.conf,
andt re-mapped the drive.

This re-mapping required a valid username/password pair, which i informed.
It was a toor-level user/password pair. for my surprise, another service
appeared at the NT's network neigh... Oe resource named after this user;
exactly the username used, and inside there, there were config files like
.cshrc and others. I also think there was no home dir created for this user
under home.

My smb.conf is attached.


BTW, any brazilian Samba Lista ???
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comment = FreeBSD - Samba %v
log file = /var/log/samba.log
dont descend = /dev,/proc,/root,/stand
admin users = cap root
autoservices = K
dead time = 15
debug level = 3
delete readonly = no
guest account = nobody
hide dot files = yes
message command = csh -c 'uemacs %s;rm %s' &
null passwords = no
preserve case = yes
protocol = NT1
valid chars = 0132:0172

printing = bsd
map archive = no
status = yes
public = yes
read only = no
preserve case = yes
strip dot = yes
security = share
guest ok = yes

browseable = no
comment = User Home Directory
create mode = 0775
public = no

comment=arquivos temporarios
read only = yes

public = no
comment = Servidor de Arquivos %v - %h
create mode = 0755
read only=no

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