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Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Feb 25 18:18:02 GMT 1998

>   I recently started teaching physics in a school: we have a lab with 
> several computer, a novell netware system and NO ONE to run it: result
> no one even understand how to change the passwd and so on (is not
> teacher's job, they call assistance for that ;-(

Usually that falls under the "and whatever duites are deemed necessary"
in your job description ;)

>   I would like to put samba instead (I use it at the universuty and know
> how to run it):
>   1. Is there something I loose?

Since no one can run the Novell network at the moment you can't loose
something you don't have.

>   2. Is there a way to lock the configuration of win95 so thay the
> 	students cannot change it at they're will? This second question 
>	is not direcly related to samba but is *very* important to us:
> 	which is solution at these problems in win95 "logic"?

See for a product called "Stop Light ELS".  In
effect it allows you to place a permissioned file system on top of FAT. 
Works very well ( i maintain 4 - 6 windows 95 public access labs at a
University in addition to faculty PC's ).  

If you decide to go with Stop Light, I have a fairly secure ( as secure
as Windows 95 can be ) setup.  Very solid with about 2,000 going through
every quarter.

Lab configuration
	dual 50MHz Sparc 10 Solaris 2.5.1 with 128Mb RAM
	46 Windows 95 OSr1 clients
	Samba 1.9.17p4

Hope this helps
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