Problems with MPEG files

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Wed Feb 25 15:38:38 GMT 1998

>I insatlled the lastest version os samba server on a challenge(SGI
>machine)with IRIX 6.3,i've got client windows nt 4.0 workstation service
>pack 3.
>It seems all good but i only have a big problem:i can't play mpeg files
>from server,this files have a bitrate of 3.8 Mbit/sec and 2.5-3Gb of
>dimension,is there any problem with samba at this bitrates?
>Is there something i have to add/change in the smb.conf?
3.8Mb/s should be doable on an otherwise lightly loaded 10Mb ethernet.
What speeds are you seeing over FTP or NFS?

Have a look at docs/Speed.txt for details, but the following options are
how I've seen the best performance:

in [global]
getwd cache = true
read prediction = true ;(although I think this now has no effect in 1.9.18)
debug level = 1 ;(or 0 if you're particually daring, to save time writing
os level = 0
domain master = no
local master = no
preferred master = no ;(These stop the machine being master browser, which
                      ; that it doesn't waste time there.)
socket options = TCP_NODELAY

If _and_only_if_ the share is read only:

locking = no
share modes = no
oplocks = no
fake oplocks = yes

Disclaimer: I offer no guarantee that these options will not corrupt your
although I've used them safely, use at your own risk.

Andrew Mobbs - Software Engineer
Allstor Software Ltd.

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