Where can I find timesync.pif?

Langsteiner Martin ZFF IE-F martin.langsteiner at zf-group.de
Wed Feb 25 13:19:00 GMT 1998

Hello Pavel,

in case you haven't got it yet, here is the contents of "timesync.pif",
as I do use it under WfWG (MS Windows 3.11):

Just start pifedit.exe from your windows directory. Let's assume it is
C:\WINDOWS. Then fill in the form that has shown up on the screen:

file name: C:\WINDOWS\NET.EXE
program parameters: TIME \\timeserver /SET /YES

(execution: background; close window after execution. Save this as

"timeserver" is the NetBIOS name of an NT server that supports the time
service. If you don't know a name but know the name of a workgroup that
might contain such a server, open a DOS window and type:
C:\WINDOWS\NET TIME /WORKGROUP:the_name_of_that_workgroup
If there is a server you can use, its name will then show up.


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