Encrypted passwd not working in NT/SP3 and Win95

Biswajit Sain sain at wipinfo.soft.net
Tue Feb 24 06:05:58 GMT 1998

Consequent to my question asking why samba does not work with NT/SP3
client when encryption is enabled, Gerry replied thus:

::> I configured and installed Samba with encryption enabled
::> (libdes-4.01), samba-1.9.16p9 on my Linux 2.0.33 server. I also used
::> "smbpasswd" to set user's password. However, I am able to connect
::> from Win'95 client or from a Win-NT3.51 client using my password.
::> From a NT 4.0 server with NT-ServicePack3 installed, I am unable to
::> access Samba server. 
::> My guess is that the second password field in the smbpasswd file is
::> not being used by samba. 
::> Anybody can give pointers as to the cause and possible fix to the
::> problem? 
::Upgrade to the newest version of samba first.  By stating that you are
::using libdes-4.01 I would assume you have an old version.  The
::encryption support is buitl in now.
::Also I am assuming that you do have encrypt password = yes in smb.conf
::as well.  If not and you have not enabled the plain text password
::registry setting ( see docs/NT4_PlainPassword.reg ), then you would
::experince the problems you are describing.
::Hope this helps,

But since then, I have upgraded to the latest samba (1.9.18p2) and am using
the des package included with it. I have encrypt password = yes in smb.conf.
However, I do not want to set the "plain text" mode in registry, for, then
it defeats the whole purpose of encryption -> NT/SP3 will then not encrypt
the password while sending to samba server. 
What I want is, NT/SP3 as well as Win95 *should* send encrypted passwords
(thus, I should not have to set "plaintext" password in registry), which 
Samba server should successfully match locally. With current setting, having
compiled and installed samba with encryption enabled, I am able to access
shares from Win95 using encrypted password, but not from NT/SP3.
Can anybody suggest how to handle this?


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