Samba and Win98.

Simon Hyde shyde at
Mon Feb 23 23:41:23 GMT 1998

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998 23:41:18 +1100, you wrote:

>Hello samba team.
>I have a small problem. My server running Samba v1.9.17p4 on RedHat 4.2 .
>All workstations with Win95 can connect to its shares.
>But one running Win98 at connection to resource on samba speaks, 
>that the password is entered incorrectly and offers to enter anew. 
>It connect without any problem to IPC$ and see samba shares. From other
>machines (running Win95) the same USER is connected _normally_.
># It is similar on the fact, that Win98 encript the password ?!...
>Can help me?

The problem is Win98 requiring by default Encrypted passwords to be used on
the server (as they were in Win95 OSR2), the solution is the same as that
for Win95 OSR2 and is documented in Win95.txt in the docs directory of any
recent Samba distribution.

Simon Hyde
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