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Michel Applaincourt Michel.Applaincourt at umh.ac.be
Mon Feb 23 10:08:21 GMT 1998

Franky wrote :

> does the option 'logon script' requires anything special on the NT
> side to work? I've a logon script which keeps on getting ignored.
> I can't seem to find any error in the log files (not even with debug
> level 3).
> Does that file really needs to be relative to the netlogon path?
> If so, can it be on automounted directories?
> Does the file need to be executable or something?
> Any help would be appreciated.
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> Franky Van Liedekerke,
> BSC System Support
> Webmaster

Is your NT configured to use logon script?
it is something to go with the registry (I don't know where to find it
elsewhere in NT)
In 95 it would be in : 
(binary key)
it should be set up to 01
your NT will search for a netlogon share and will try to find the file
told by login script option in smb.conf.

The file can be described by macro such as : %u.bat so it uses the name of
the user, %m.bat so it uses the name of the machine (netbios name)
connecting, ...

Of course the file should be such that clients have execution rights
(samba don't overwrite unix rights).

hope this will help

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