Problems with samba

Marcel - Titus MARGINEAN mtm at
Sat Feb 21 16:25:33 GMT 1998

	I installed Samba on my Linux box, then I got next problems:
1. Printing from NT. When I try to connect a network printer to my Samba 
printer , NT report something like "invalid printer name" and in log 
writed by Samba appear:

switch message SMBopenX
become_user now uid=(0,507) gid=(100,100)
02/20/98 18:00:38 error packet at line 3677 cmd=45 (SMBopenX) eclass=2 ecode=4
2. Some problem when I try to connect a printer from win 3.11:

switch message SMBopenX
Skipping become_user - already user
unix_clean_name []
New file 
unix_clean_name []
Error opening file . (Is a directory)
02/20/98 18:13:45 error packet at line 962 cmd=45 (SMBopenX) eclass=1 ecode=5
error string = Is a directory

3.  In NT mapping network drives work fine but in 3.11 all file names are
truncated to 3 chars, first char is all the time '~' followed by 2 alpha.
All the files was copyed from dos so they are dos file names.
Log report:

switch message SMBsearch
become_user now uid=(0,507) gid=(100,100)
path=\~Q9\????????.??? status_len=0
unix_clean_name [./~Q9/????????.???]
checking log. for 8.3
Mangling name LOG. to ~2M
checking hosts for 8.3
Mangling name HOSTS to ~62
checking kituri for 8.3
Mangling name KITURI to ~Q9
New file ????????.???
unix_clean_name [./kituri/????????.???]
mask=????????.??? directory=./kituri
start_dir cnum=121 dir=./kituri
unix_clean_name [./kituri]
creating new dirptr 1 (0x803bf30) for path ./kituri, expect_close = 0
dptr_num is 1
checking . for 8.3
mmatch [.] [????????.???] 1
get_dir_entry found ./kituri/. fname=.
checking .. for 8.3
mmatch [..] [????????.???] 1
get_dir_entry found ./kituri/.. fname=..
checking msvc20 for 8.3
Converted name msvc20 Mangling name MSVC20 to ~GR
to ~GR
mmatch [~GR] [????????.???] 1
get_dir_entry found ./kituri/msvc20 fname=~GR

	I have try a lot of combinations with: mangle case = yes/no,
 mangled name = yes/no, default case =lower/upper but the result was
the same.

	If there somebody know what is the problem and how can I solve it
please answer me.
	Thank you in advance,

	When I start "Network Neighborhood" NT 4.0 it did't find my server.
	It is normal ? With Map Network Drive connexion succed.
	I have Samba version 1.9.00 from InfoMagic Linux distribution.

	Best wishes,
		Marcel - Titus MARGINEAN
		mtm at, m-titus at

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