Can't get NIS homedir working

Simeon Walker simeon at
Fri Feb 20 16:50:48 GMT 1998

Charles wrote:
> It is my understanding that you can specify nis homedir = yes in the
> global section, and then when you connect to the [homes] service, Samba
> will "bounce" the user to their actual home server, providing it is also
> running samba.   I am using 1.9.18p3 on all servers.
> Why isn't Samba attempting the hand off?   If I try it w/o the path = %p,
> then Samba just uses $HOME and you get the NFS hop.  We have about 20 NFS
> servers so it would be real nice if we could roll out one PC image that
> maps to one home server, and get Samba to pass off the connection to the
> appropriate server as listed in auto.home to avoid the extra hop.
> Charles

You have to get the client to connect home directories something
like this:

net use h: /home

The client will then query the logon server, get the home path and
connect directly to that machine.


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