Accessing wintel drives from unix

Mike Castle castle at
Fri Feb 20 16:39:09 GMT 1998

> I've asked before if it's possible to mount PC drives onto a sunos
> and/or solaris workstation, and was informed that sunos doesn't
> support smb at in the kernel and this is required for mounting
> filesystems.I was told, however, that Linux supports this
> functionality. So, would it be possible to set up a linux
> workstation which can mount PC shared drives using smbfs, and export
> these to the sun workstations using nfs? It's inefficient, I know,
> but in terms of implementation it doesn't seem too difficult.

Yes, it should work.  However there are a couple of other options to check

Solaris 2.6 should come with Syntax's TotalNET.  I do believe this software
will work as both an SMB server and client with a limited number of clients
(1 I believe).  However, since you only occasionally need to mount
someone's PC, I don't think this would pose a problem.

Also, check out 'rumba'.  It's sort of a cross between amd and libsmb.

That is, it looks like an NFS server to you but instead of serving files
off of a local machine, it translates NFS requests to SMB requests.

I believe it defaults to supporting Linux and Solaris (though the porting
process is pretty much limited to using the native commands to mount on
that system).

The last time I looked at it, it didn't look like it was all that
supported, but it might be sufficient for your use.

Mike Castle
System Administrator, Applied Computing Systems, Inc.
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