Accessing wintel drives from unix

Sean Murphy Sean.Murphy at Teltec.DCU.IE
Fri Feb 20 16:15:30 GMT 1998

Hi all,

This is a little off topic, but not too much so, I think.

There are times where it would be useful to be able to access a
user's PC windows (95 or NT) drive from our unix boxes. We use sun
workstations as our unix platform here. 

I've asked before if it's possible to mount PC drives onto a sunos
and/or solaris workstation, and was informed that sunos doesn't
support smb at in the kernel and this is required for mounting
filesystems.I was told, however, that Linux supports this
functionality. So, would it be possible to set up a linux
workstation which can mount PC shared drives using smbfs, and export
these to the sun workstations using nfs? It's inefficient, I know,
but in terms of implementation it doesn't seem too difficult.

Any thoughts/comments?

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