SMBpassword and UNIX password sync?

Charlie Brady cbrady at
Fri Feb 20 00:01:56 GMT 1998

On Fri, 20 Feb 1998, Tim Winders wrote:

> If I understand the encryption scheme then there is no way to initally
> read the /etc/passwd file and put THAT password into the smbpasswd file.


> So... my question...
> Is there anyway to syncronize the /etc/passwd and smbpasswd files such
> that when a user changes their UNIX passwd, their smbpasswd will
> automatically get created if one does not exist or changed their smbpasswd
> if one DOES exist?
> I am running Digital Unix 4.0D, no shadow password, no C2.  I am open to
> using a different UNIX passwd program if that will help.  Thanks!

With a bit of programming effort someone should be able to modify
the smbpasswd program to also modify your Unix password database.

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