security = server broken?

Samuel C. Martinez scmartin at
Thu Feb 19 19:49:18 GMT 1998

With the Samba version 1.9.18 versions of Samba the security = server only
accepts a NT password server that is a PDC, and not just a workgroup NT
server.   I get "Acccess is Denied" and the following entry in the smb.log
file debug level=10:

Got device type A:
Allowed connection from ( to scmartin
Scanning username map /usr/local/samba/lib/
02/19/1998 12:31:47 invalid username/password for scmartin
02/19/1998 12:31:47 error packet at line 171 cmd=117 (SMBtconX) eclass=2
error string = Permission denied

This was working before in Samba version 1.9.17 and below.  What is broken?
Is this just an added feature? Can this be fixed  by  a modification in the
source files so that any NT server regardless of whether it is a PDC or not
can authenticate Samba passwords?  Thanks for any and all help!  We are
using the WinCenter Pro multi-user NT product that has a built-in NIS
program.   Since we are using NIS on these NT servers most of them are not
configured as PDCs.  

Note: I searched in the docs directory for documentation on this, BUGS.txt.
 security_level.txt, DIAGNOSIS.txt, etc but could not find any answers.
Thank you in advance for any and all help.

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