Password required for IPC$

Michael Tibor tibor at
Thu Feb 19 06:10:45 GMT 1998

I didn't see any responses to the two messages regarding this which I saw
in the last two message digests, so I thought I'd take a crack at it...

I had this problem as well (any connections to Samba server from Win95
client resulted in a prompt for password for IPC$) on a Redhat 4.2 Linux
box running 1.9.18p2. 

When I went through /etc/smb.conf, I noticed the following line:

   security = user

This was different from the way I had configured it on my Slackware box
(security = share).  Changing it from user to share security fixed my

I'm sure there's probably a more correct approach to this problem, but my
solution happened to work fine for the 4 or 5 people who make SMB
connections to my small Linux server.

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