Ultrix and samba

Joe Matuscak matuscak at rohrer.com
Wed Feb 18 18:23:55 GMT 1998

>Dear Samba users,
>we want to install samba on a Digital DECstation 5000/120 to use it as a
>server for our PCs.
>Does anyone know how to install samba on that machine with ULTRIX V4.2
>(Rev. 96) or has a binary install package that we can use?

Ive been using samba with Ultrix 4.4 for some time, and I think it was
running when we had 4.2.  Im using samba 1.9.15p3, and from my notes all I
needed to do to build it was:

1) Change the location of the man pages from usr/local/man to 
/usr/man to work better with the Ultrix man program.

# *JGM* MANDIR = /usr/local/man 
MANDIR = /usr/man

2) Change the default shell from sh to sh5.

# *JGM* SHELL = /bin/sh
SHELL = /bin/sh5

3) Uncomment the lines that define the build to be for Ultrix. 

We use it to access the 5000 from Win95, WinNT and WfWg machines.

Joe Matuscak
Rohrer Corporation
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Wadsworth, Ohio 44281
Matuscak at Rohrer.com

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