David Hazelton dave.hazelton at
Wed Feb 18 11:00:47 GMT 1998

What I'm tring to do is allow certain people to certain services, but 
not to sub-directories of those services.

Example: John doe needs to have Read/Write access to /usr/qual but 
Read only access to /usr/qual/data.   And Jane doe needs Read only 
access to /usr/qual but Read/Write access to /usr/qual/data. Then 
Jack might need Read/Write access to the whole tree.

The only way I see it is to have different services for each 
directory and to structure the directory tree so that every situation 
gets covered.  This would make Jack mount many Services and adjust 
programs to accommodate this.  Also since data that is being stored 
from many applications, this is not very feasible.   

Have I missed something, or is this an NT "feature" you kept with 

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