IPC$ password

zottmann at stj.gov.br zottmann at stj.gov.br
Wed Feb 18 14:36:30 GMT 1998

Hello everybody!

I am running here a 1.9.18p2 Samba Server, over a AIX 4.2.1 box, and I am
facing the following problem:

Everytime that I start browsing the Samba server from my W95 client, it
asks me a password for the IPC$ service, wich I supply as a null password,
and after that I am able to use all of my Samba shares, including the
public and private ones. I am using a NT box as my password server.

Does anyone know how to prevent this initial password dialog for the IPC$
service from happening?


Carlos Zottmann
zottmann at stj.gov.br

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