help !!!

John Blair jdblair at
Tue Feb 17 14:11:00 GMT 1998

> I was looking for a nfs client for win95/nt/dos and some suggested i use
> samba .

Well, its not exactly an NFS client, but you've probably figured this out

> I downloaded the latest version from
> It compiled well on my solaris x86 (2.5.1) box ..
> Now i have run into problems :
> How do i  map  the unix partition to my desktop.? How do i specify
> where to logon to from my windows 95 desktop?..

I think you may have skipped some steps.  If you don't see your solaris
box in the "Network Neighborhood" then go back and work through the
installation instructions again.  If you haven't skipped anything, go
through the diagnostics-- they will zero in on your specific problem.


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