Cannot access network (NT, 95. Linux) resources from NT

Charlie Brady cbrady at
Tue Feb 17 04:56:55 GMT 1998

On Mon, 16 Feb 1998, Umar Murtaza wrote:

> Windows 95 Workstations:
> 	Running on DHCP (Linux Server has dhcp configured)
> They have a valid IP address, gateway IP address, Subnet Mask, but 
> no Primary WINS Server (whereas it should show NT Server as Primary 
> WINS Server, its there in smb.conf file of Linux server). This is the 
> output of "winipcfg" command of windows 95.

You may need to configure the DHCP server to inform the Win95 machines as
to what their WINS server address is. One of the "vendor tags" is set
aside for specifying the WINS server address - if you can't find out what
it is any other way, look up the DHCP RFCs for the number.

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