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John Sutton john at
Tue Feb 17 00:13:12 GMT 1998


I'm new to this list so please bear with me if I'm going over old ground.
I've read the Samba FAQ and the document about configuring Win95 clients,
both to no avail.

I have two Win95 clients which differ in their Network config only in that
one has an ethercard which connects via an ISDN router to the Internet.  It
also has a modem and the Dialup Adapter so I can connect using the modem if
the ISDN service is down.  I'll call this first the "networked" client.
The second is a "standalone" machine which has only the Dialup Adapter i.e.
has a modem connection to the Internet.

When I boot the "networked" client, it throws up a dialogue and asks that I
logon to the network.  This I do (simply by pressing Enter as I have set an
empty password) although I've never really understood what this means - it
can only mean that it is validating the password against a local file as no
network activity occurs!  If I then attempt to log a network drive (I have
a Web server on the Internet running Samba) it works fine.  And this is
true even if the ISDN line is down, except of course that I have to
establish a modem connection first.

When I boot the "standalone" client, it does _not_ throw up the "logon to
the network" dialogue.  And so, when I attempt to log a network drive on
the Samba server (having first established a modem connection of course),
it refuses immediately and tells me that I am "not logged on"!

So my problem is: How do you make a "standalone" client "log on to the
network"?  I should also point out that the client which works (the
"networked" client) was formerly a Win3.1 machine which was subsequently
"upgraded" to Win95 whereas the "standalone" client started life (such as
it is :-) as Win95.  So I'm wondering if what I'm trying to do, and which
was very easily set up under 3.1, is not possible with 95?

I appreciate that this is more properly a Win95 problem than a Samba one,
so perhaps someone could point me in the right direction...

John Sutton

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