Printer errors

Paul Farber farber at
Mon Feb 16 22:39:15 GMT 1998

Hello all, 

Got SAMBA running on a linux 2.0.32 box, and all is well.  Looked over the
docs and set up my printer with the (what I think) are correct entries.
Basically, what the default smb.conf has.  Testparms says it o.k.!  And I
can print (lpr) locally.

Windows sees both printcap entries (inkjet and psjet), but any attempt to
pring to them errors out.  I then added the print command = /usr/bin/lpr
stuff (like in the howto) but no errors.  The logs show the connection, but
no errors!  

Anyone got a HP500 series (mine is a 520) printer running???  



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