Packet filtering characteristics of SMB?

Johann Visagie wjv at
Mon Feb 16 20:23:25 GMT 1998

Hi there,

Before I get in over my head in documentation, I thought I'd ask here whether
what I'm attempting is even vaguely possible:

I have two /28 subnets connected to a server acting as gateway.  On one of
these subnets, a Samba server.  On the other... you guessed it, some Win95
(OEMSR2) clients which need to access it.

To compound the problem, the gateway filters IP and forms part of a firewall
setup.  Filtering rules will have to be set up on it to allow Samba to "work
through" it...  if that is possible.

I know that SMB relies heavily on broadcasts, and to get an idea what's going
on I set the packet filters to log all rejected packets.  I noticed that the
Samba server broadcasts to the broadcast address of its own subnet...  so how
are machines on the other subnet ever going to know about it?  Hence my
doubts as to whether this is possible.

Can anyone (a) confirm that this is feasible, and (b) point me at a good
place where I can start reading?  :-)

-- V

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