Cannot access network (NT, 95. Linux) resources from NT

Umar Murtaza umurtaza at
Mon Feb 16 13:47:25 GMT 1998

Our network has a Linux Server, NT Server and Windows 95 
workstations, with the following configurations:

Linux Internet Server:
	  Primary WINS Server: (NT Server)
	  Subnet Mask:

NT Server:
	Gateway: (Linux Internet Server)
	Primary WINS Server: (itself)
	Subnet Mask:

Windows 95 Workstations:
	Running on DHCP (Linux Server has dhcp configured)
They have a valid IP address, gateway IP address, Subnet Mask, but 
no Primary WINS Server (whereas it should show NT Server as Primary 
WINS Server, its there in smb.conf file of Linux server). This is the 
output of "winipcfg" command of windows 95.

Samba is configured at Linux Server.

output of route command at linux server is:

# route
Kernel IP routing table
Destn     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref   Iface	*	UH	0	0	eth0  *	UH	0	0	eth0
ISP		*	UH	0	0	ppp0
localnet	*		U	0	0	eth0	
loopback	*			U	0	0	lo
default	ISP			UG	0	0	ppp0

All windows95 workstations can see each other and the linux 
server, plus they can browse and share their shared resources on the 
local network.. All machines including the windows 95 workstations NT 
server and the Linux Server can ping each other and also gives the 
correct tracert/traceroute results.

Problem is:
1. All workstation cannot see NT Server in the "Network 
Neighbourhood", also "find a computer" cannot find the ntserver.
2. NTServer can see all the workstations plus the linux server in 
"Network Neighbourhood". Can use the shared resources (directories 
and files) of the Linux Server but cannot access the shared resources 
of the windows 95 workstations. It gives an error "\\workstation is 
not accessible" and "The network path was not found" if i try to 
access them.

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