setup question

john john at
Sun Feb 15 21:28:32 GMT 1998

The accounts are being authenticated via a NT PDC.  This seems to work.
I have a directory called /usr/smb.  In it I have created
directories for each domain user.  Ideally all domain users
can write to their respective directories without having an account
on the unix box.  Non-unix users seem to get they're accounts mapped
to /usr/smb/nobody (the unprivledged unix user).  This is such
a general topic I wasn't sure how to search for it in the previous

excerpts from smb.conf
	workgroup = CAS
	password server = PDC
	encrypt passwords = yes

	   path = /usr/smb/%U
	   public = yes
	   writable = yes
	   printable = no
	   guest ok = no

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