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Sun Feb 15 13:40:09 GMT 1998

On Sun, 15 Feb 1998 21:44:11 +1100, you wrote:

>Hello Ed,
>I had similar problems on my first trys to get (some now ancient
>versions) running.  The reason is, that lshadow support has been moved
>to the libc, and therefor it is not nessesary to add -lshadow.
>A small exerpt from my Makefile:
># Use this for Linux with shadow passwords - but not using PAM!
># contributed by Andrew.Tridgell at
># add -DLINUX_BIGCRYPT is you have shadow passwords but don't have the
># right libraries and includes
>That works in my case. I do not know wether that is correct for Linux
>in general, or if only my SuSE distribution acts like that.

This is not the problem that he is seeing, his problem is with an area of
code in smbpass.c which is only invoked when compiling for encrypted
passwords. This particular error only surfaced recently (although a search
through the back-log in samba-bugs showed that it has existed for quite a
while) when in the 1.9.18 release this code was enabled by default. It only
seems to affect Slacware Linux 3.4 (or more specifically probably the
version of GCC/libc supplied with this release of Slackware). It is not
affected by compiling with/without shadow password support, but has been
reported by users that it is solved by the fix I posted earlier.

Just thought I'd clear that up,

Simon Hyde
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