Signal 6

Derek Clifford derek_clifford at
Sun Feb 15 09:19:19 GMT 1998

etc etc, all compiled fine up to:

Compiling ufc.c
Compiling smbpass.c
You wrote:
>cc: Internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 6
>make: *** [smbpass.o] Error 1

>does anyon have any idea what is causing this error? I think it may have
>something to do with the fact that I have Shadow passwords.

>Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Ed,

My guess is that you are using the Slackware distribution - if not mail me
and I'll extract the Readme - but it's just a bug in the compiler, the
earlier version works.

The answer is on the Slackware CD Rom - read /contrib/gcc2721.README.
Apparently it's a bug wih this version of gcc, and the previous version is
on the CD as a work-around.



Derek Clifford
derek_clifford at

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