Sending msg via WinPopup on print error/completion?

Damian Ivereigh damian at
Sun Feb 15 00:55:20 GMT 1998

> Is it possible to configure Samba to notify the user via WinPopup when a
> print job has completed or halted due to error?  I mean, of course, a print
> job to a Samba-shared network printer.
> In case it's pertinent: I'm running Samba v1.9.18p2 on Linux (kernel
> v2.0.32).

It is pretty much impossible, unless you can find something other than
lpr to spool to. Basically you have to record which PC client sent the
job so that you can run smbclient to hand back the status when the job
finally gets printed by the end spooler (lpd). There is no way to get
lpr to record all this information with the job. So you have to find a
way to record the information externally and get the final lpd interface
script to refer back to it.

A nice project for someone!

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