Oplock question/problem ???

Jesse Book Jr jesse at mail.apn.com
Fri Feb 13 14:37:47 GMT 1998

At 10:08 AM 2/12/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Jesse Book Jr wrote:
>>        My Problem...  When the files are saved to my samba share I can not
>> acces the files because they show that they are still locked.  If I wait
>> the locks will eventually disappear, but with the writers having deadlines
>> for delivery it makes it important for me to access the files as soon as
>> they are available.  Turning off the oplocks makes it possible to access
>> the files immediately.
>>         My Question...  Is this normal behavior for oplocks?  I was
under the
>> impression that when the file was closed, or the application terminated the
>> file's lock should die as well.
>What client OS are you using ? The Win95 redirector has a nasty 
>habit of keeping batch oplocked files open long after the application
>has actually closed the file. WinNT seems to suffer less than this.
>Hmmmm. What you could do to get the current version of the
>file (and break the oplock) is to use smbclient to connect
>to the Samba server and then copy the file to another name
>(probably where you want to put it anyway). This will
>force the client to break the oplock. I used this to
>break oplocks on demand when developing the oplock code.
>The only downside is you cannot be absolutely sure that
>the person has finished editing the file at that point,
>as the Windows redirector is hiding that from you.
>Maybe I should add a 'break oplock after XX minutes
>of inactivity parameter'..... Hmmmmm. That might make
>some things a lot slower though.
>Jeremy Allison,
>Samba Team.

My clients are all running Win95. (a smattering of different versions, but
that's another problem I'm working on) I should have guessed the problem
was a M$ problem.  I was thinking of using the veto oplocks option for the
delivery files, but since I'm sent multiple versions of their document
(.htm , .doc, .txt, .fax, etc) I found it easier just to globaly disable
the oplock support for the time being to keep the system up and running. 

-= Jesse =-

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