Call for Contributions to Samba CD Distribution

John Blair jdblair at
Fri Feb 13 14:04:07 GMT 1998

        Call for Contributions to the Samba CD Distribution
The Samba Team is preparing to issue a CD distribution of each stable
release of the Samba SMB server.  The CD will include the complete
Samba ftp archive, including the latest and previous stable and alpha
releases, the CVS source code tree, a library of contributed tools and
utilities, and anything else we can think of.

We are aware that there are many Samba management utilities in various
stages of development, numerous clever scripts and hacks, and several
projects that make use of Samba source code.  We want to include as
many of these independent projects as possible to demonstrate the sort
of things being done with Samba and help spur the continued
improvement of Samba.  Like all successfull free software projects,
Samba has grown and improved because of user contributions.

Some examples of the sort of things that have in mind are (but not
limited to):

- configuration and management utilities
	Examples are web-based management utilities and
	GUI smb.conf editors.
- other projects which make use of Samba source code
	An example is the Apache module that authenticates users
	using an NT server.
- useful scripts and hacks that are related to Samba

It is preferred that all contributions be licensed under the GNU
Public License (GPL), or Library GNU Public License (LGPL).  Software
licensed under different terms may be considered if the license
specifically grants the right to modify and redistribute the
software's source code without restriction.  An example of such a
license is Larry Wall's Artistic License.  Including software licensed
under other terms would complicate the distribution terms of the CD.
In other words, we urge you to use the GPL to license your software,
but other licenses may be acceptable and will be evaluated on a
case-by-case basis.

All contributions must be received by March 1, 1998 to be included on
the first release of the CD.  Contributions received after that date
will be included on the next CD release.

If you have something to contribute or have any questions please
contact John Blair by e-mail at john.blair at, or by phone
at [usa] (205) 975-7123.

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