Oplock question/problem ???

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Fri Feb 13 12:43:03 GMT 1998

You wrote:
|                                    The Win95 redirector has a nasty 
| habit of keeping batch oplocked files open long after the application
| has actually closed the file. WinNT seems to suffer less than this.
| Maybe I should add a 'break oplock after XX minutes
| of inactivity parameter'..... Hmmmmm. That might make
| some things a lot slower though.

  If it's limited to batch oplocks on non-.BAT files, you might
consider writing a very specific oplock-discarder just for that
  I'm assuming, of course, that only win95 makes this particular
error and that it will go away eventually. Alas, one former
employer tended to do just the opposite: publicize useful bugs
for general customer use (:-0)

--dave (those guys aren't in business any more) c-b
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