Some initial questions on Samba

stevenma at stevenma at
Thu Feb 12 15:58:49 GMT 1998

Hi, I have a few (probably basic) questions about samba that I must have
missed in the man pages and documents that come with the distribution.
Here they are:

1)  We're going to be running Samba in a VERY large environment (12,000+
users) when we edit the smb.conf file, what are we doing to those users?
Are we locking them out, or will they continue on as normal?  Also, when
we've made the changes to the smb.conf file, how does Samba pick up those
changes?  I'm under the impression that it re-reads the smb.conf file every
few minutes, is this true?  I'm sure there's a way to FORCE a reload of the
smb.conf without booting all the users logged in right?

2)  Printers - We have about 150 printer queues that we'll need to set up.
Most of these printers will be publicly available, so the default way of
displaying all the Printer Queues works fine.  BUT :)  There are a few we
need to restrict.  The question is, can I leave the default way of showing
all the printers, but then add in config lines for the restricted printers
after the original [Printers] line?  If so, the individual printer
configurations will overide the default "display all queues" config section

3)  Are there any other web sites than the "official" Samba web site that
has info on Samba, such as script files, sample configurations for larger
sites etc?

Thanks for your help!

Matt Stevenson
Seton Hall University

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