Oplock question/problem ???

Jesse Book Jr jesse at mail.apn.com
Thu Feb 12 15:07:08 GMT 1998

	I have been running samba as file/print servers for quite some time now
without a hitch. I've recently upgraded 3 out of 4 servers to 1.9.18p2 and
I seem to be having a problem with the new oplocks (or maybe I'm not
understanding exactly how they're supposed to work).
       Here's my scenario.  I work for an electronic publisher.  Writers
write stories and then save them to a samba shared drive so that the files
can be edited/ prepared for delivery.  After the document has been
edited/etc the file is saved onto another samba share where I grab the
files and send them to where they are supposed to go. 
       My Problem...  When the files are saved to my samba share I can not
acces the files because they show that they are still locked.  If I wait
the locks will eventually disappear, but with the writers having deadlines
for delivery it makes it important for me to access the files as soon as
they are available.  Turning off the oplocks makes it possible to access
the files immediately.
	My Question...  Is this normal behavior for oplocks?  I was under the
impression that when the file was closed, or the application terminated the
file's lock should die as well.
							-= Jesse =-

I'd also like to thank the Samba Team for all their hard work.  Since I've
started using Samba I have been able to get rid of all of our Novell servers,
(except one, but it's next on the list to go) and when I'm through
my newest Samba server I'm going to start killing of the NT servers as well.  
Thanks guys.

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