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Peter de Groot pdgtech at
Thu Feb 12 02:09:21 GMT 1998

> > |-----------Subnet A
> > |           Workgroup :  LAB
> > |           All WIN95 machines (clients)
> > |
> > -
> > router
> > -
> > |
> > |
> > |
> > |-----------Subnet B
> >             Workgroup : ADMIN
> >             WINS SERVER / Samba Server
> >             WIN95 machines (clients)
> > 
> > 
> > All of our win95 machines point to the Samba server as the WINS server and
> > fileserver.  Machines in Subnet B  can see the LAB workgroup icon in the
> > network neighborhood, but access it (error :  LAB is not accessible. The
> > computer or sharename could not be found. Make sure you typed it correctly,
> > and try again)  ......   If I change the network property of a computer in
> > Subnet A to be in workgroup ADMIN (i don't physically remove the machine
> > from Subnet A, but only change the workgroup setting in network properties),
> > then computers in Subnet B can access the computer in Subnet A with no
> > problem.
> > 
> > The problem, therefore, seems to be having a different workgroup in a
> > separate subnet?  Does anyone have advice concerning this problem. The
> > relevant portions of my smb.conf follows :

> I *REALLY* need to send an update to the DOCS for BROWSING.txt.  Luke and
> I went over this a few months ago, so I will try to explain (what I
> remember) here.  (Luke, I hope I get all the specifics correct!)
> In order for multiple network (subnet) browse lists to propogate you need
> to have a DOMAIN MASTER BROWSER for EACH WORKGROUP that you have.  A DMB
> can only be a WinNT Server or Samba Server set as a DMB.  It cannot be a
> WinNT WKS or Win95 machine.

I have a similar network config, and have have setup the browsing as
per BROWSING.txt, with a single WINS server, local browse masters etc.  

Problem -- The only way I can browse the samba servers is to have them
all in the one workgroup, across the subnets.  If I have a workgroup
per subnet with their own local domain master (but all using a 
single WINS server), then they are invisible.  

Interestingly, when inspecting the log files, samba appears to be 
doing the right thing, and the var/locks/browse.txt file on all of the
master browsers lists all of the domains/workgroups

However, in the explorer window -- zippo/nothing/blank/void

1.  This PC network is primarily Novell 4.x over IPX.  Would this 
     cause a problem ???  - in terms of the win95 config.

2. Could somebody point me to a FAQ explaining exactly how WIN95 gets
   hold of its browse lists

3. Is there a win95 utility around to help diagnose these browse
   It would be interesting to know how my PC is getting its browse lists
   and what it is doing with name resolution etc.  nbtstat is of little
   use.  What with Novell, Wins, DNS  etc etc, it must get really busy
   in the explorer program.

P.S.  I am running samba 1.9.18p1 on IRIX 6.x.  THe windows clients
       are win95 with WINS and DNS enabled.

Many thanks

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