create mode and directory mode

David Bullock davidb at
Thu Feb 12 02:22:50 GMT 1998

>> How can I configure Samba so that the files my users drop there are
>> world and group readable and user writable/readable.  I have read the
>> man pages and other texts, but I fear I am missing a key point.
>	create mode = 0755
>	directory mode = 0755
>in the parameters for each share.

Just a comment that "create mode " is more correctly "create mask",
and "directory mode" is more correctly "directory mask" - the masks
are anded with the intended mode.

If you use:

	create mask = 0744               (applies to files)
	directory mask = 0755            (applies to dirs)
	force create mode = 0744        (applies to files)
	force directory mode = 0755     (applies to dirs)

it should do what you want.  The intended mode is worked out,
then and-ed with the mask then or-ed with the force-mode.

Setting the execute bit for files can switch on the DOS archive, system and
hidden attributes depending on other smb.conf settings.  744 files will have archive attribute, but not system or hidden.

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