How to set Netscape enviroment on Samba home drive ?

Mark Lehrer mark at
Wed Feb 11 19:32:31 GMT 1998

> You get this kind of stuff by default with roaming profiles.( ie
> user.dat or ntuser.dat ) If you are referring to netscape 4 then
> just point the profile to the home directory (mapped to a consistent
> drive letter) Ther was another post describing this method.

Will it store mail folders in the same directory as the person's
profile, or is that configurable too?

Ideally, I would like to put the programs on drive C: (or possibly on a
public network drive) but have the profile, cache, mail folders etc be
in the user's home area (which is always drive M: on \\server\homes).

Pegasus does this very well but I am ready for something different.

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