wfw311 and samba

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Tue Feb 10 18:42:15 GMT 1998

At 20:01 10-02-98 +1100, Dave Wreski wrote:
>> >Hi all.  I'm trying to set up a wfw311 workstation for samba-1.9.17 on a
>> >Linux box.
>> It is not. It is a driver disk. You install it like another protocol
>> driver. It has am oemsetup.inf file which will take care of this for you.
>> You will then have setup dialogs which will allow you to assign IP address,
>> etc.
>Great, thanks.  Thanks also to Charlie Brady for pointing me to
>> BTW, why not Win95? WfW is soooo unstable!
>Its a 486SX33 :)  Simply used to do OCR and write the text file to the

All the more reason to use Win95. It shines on slow 486s, that's about the
only place it *does* shine, and Lap-tops. Everywhere else I run WinNTws
(Linux servers, of course). I killed my last WfW machine over three years ago.

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