How to set Netscape enviroment on Samba home drive ?

Tomek Jarosinski jarosins at
Tue Feb 10 08:41:13 GMT 1998


We are using samba-1.9.18p2 on unix boxes (Linux,Sun,AIX) for connection
with our NT 4.0 clients.On NT client are only two users - root and
student with mandatory profile.
Student is a standard user and in his autostart folder is a small qbasic
programm. So after NT Login there is another SAMBA login where student
will be asked for his unix username and password and then connected with
winapps, public and his home. It is possible to configure different
windows application in such way that all preferences etc are saved on
H:\- unix home connected with samba. On unix side we are using Netscape
for our email.

Does anybody know if it is possible to configure Netscape in such a way
ALL netscape preferences and options (most important is email address)
will be saved on samba home ?

We don't want to use NT-Server.
NT-Client is making enough problems. All NT-Clients have double
NT-Installation, protected drives (as much as possible) etc.


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