Multiple SAMBA servers

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Tue Feb 10 07:30:53 GMT 1998

Dear Henrick,

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Subject:	Multiple SAMBA servers

I'm about to install SAMBA in a HA (High Avalibility) solution with Solaris
2.6 and First Watch.
I have two SAMBA servers that normally runs on two machines, in case of a
failure of one of the machine the other machine is supposed to take over
the failed machine's services. Also the IP adress is moved (the machine
will now have multiple IP adresses (on the same logical net)).
So what I want to do is to run two SAMBA-servers with diffrent
configuration on one machine.

When I looked at this with SUN's HA, I decided not to run the HA cluster
in symmetric mode for samba. ie. Run samba daemons on both boxes, but
only support one IP address and configuration.

I configured the automounter to provide all the protected filesystems and
share them out from one machine, if that failed then the services would
fail over onto the other, and suddenly that samba process would start
receiving requests, accessing the data through the automounted mount

I don't think you can change port numbers on the NT clients.

I suspect that you could do something symettrically using
variable substitution and "include = ".


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