wfw311 and samba

Dave Wreski dave at
Tue Feb 10 04:25:03 GMT 1998

Hi all.  I'm trying to set up a wfw311 workstation for samba-1.9.17 on a
Linux box.

I can't get it to connect, but I think I know the reason.  I have no
TCP/IP installed on the wfw box.  Does this come with wfw311 or is it
something I need to download from MS?  I found the wfwt32.exe upgrade, but
it doesn't have the winsock and and installation program -- it appears to
only be an upgrade.

How do I proceed?  Can I use arp to assign it an IP address?  I actually
tried this, and it didn't work.  tcpdump gave me the ethernet address,
which I then fed to arp

	# arp -s machine10 0:40:af:33:4b:38              
	# arp: invalid hardware address

Any ideas why this doesn't work?  'machine10' is a valid IP on my network.
I'm actually also just interested in how to use arp in this case, even if
it isn't the proper way...

Dave Wreski

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