"Path too long"

Farthew Higgins III higgins at leghorn.tchs.tcyp.org
Mon Feb 9 16:32:34 GMT 1998

This may well be a M$ issue and not a Samba one, but I figured I could at
least ask:

I have a network with a dozen or so Win95 boxes and a linux box running
samba 1.9.17p4.  Roving profiles/system policies seem to be working fairly
well.  Thanks to the samba archives, I have users saving desktop
information, et cetera completely on the server, with a batch file for
each user which mounts appropriate shared drives, sets the system clock,
and imports the profile path into the registry to avoid that 'you have not
logged into this computer before...' window.  It all works smoothly for
the most part.  HOWEVER, certain users just will not work for no apparent
reason.  The user name authenticates fine, the logon script runs, and just
before the desktop should pop up, an error box comes up which says: 
"Desktop -- Can't access this folder.  Path name is too long."  Then it
hangs, refusing to log in.  Popping up a task window and running regedit
reveals that all the path names that I am aware of (at least the ones
relevant to the desktop - and all other profile information for that
matter) are exactly as they should be!!! I once managed to correct this
for one user by erasing his entry in the config.pol file, erasing his
profile directory, and everything else remotely related to his user name,
and then starting from scratch. However, the next time I ran into this
problem, the previous method did nothing to help! 

Has anyone else ever encountered this problem?  Any help/advice would be
greatly appreciated. 


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