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Dodd Graham Civ UCSS/SCBS graham.dodd at
Thu Feb 5 17:09:05 GMT 1998

Having searched the archives and digests, I've seen the question asked,
but nobody replied with an answer.

How do I tell an HP Laserjet III to print the next file landscape using
the smbclient?

What we're doing here is have a mainframe pick up selected print files
and ftp them to a Linux box running RH 5.0 and Samba. Then a Perl script
will parse a filter and file table and route the print to Win95 / NT
machines and services scattered around the base, either as email, print,
a file on the users machine, or convert it to html. 

Well this is mostly working, but then along came some 132 column
files...... arrghh

Appreciate any thoughts, ideas, or solutions,


Graham K Dodd
Network Systems Analyst
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