Support for Solaris ACL?

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Feb 5 14:53:52 GMT 1998

You wrote:
| The problem is, that I need to share these files with Samba, to Win95
| clients. When doing this people don't get the rights the need, because
| Samba don't support/respect the additionally rights given in the ACLs.
| So my question is, will Samba get support for Solaris ACL system?

  It sorta does and sorta doesn't...
  If I set up a file with specific ACLs on Solaris and share it
via Samba, the samba server process will honour the ACLs because it has
to: Solaris enforces them on it.
   Therefor the file will be acessable/inacessable to a user accessing
them via Samba just as if she was accessing them on Solaris.

   The file will retain the ACLs **UNLESS** the user happens to access
it with a program that goes...
	rename file X to X.BAK
	open file X.BAK for read
	open file X for update
	copy from X.BAK to X
	change contents
	flush changes to X
	close both
  This scenario will cause the client machine to have Samba open
a new file.  As Samba doesn't grok ACLs. it can't provide the
acls or permissions of X to the application, and the application can't
reproduce them when opening the ``new'' X.
  Poof! the ACLs appear to disappear!

  Programs which copy to X.BAK and then directly edit X will leave
X ``correct'' in this scenario, but X.BAK will me be missing ACLs...
which may turn out to be A Bad Thing.

  Try a trivial test to see if this is what is happening...  Feel free
to send me logs and questions. 

--dave c-b
[ps: in a previous life as DRBrown.TSDC at HI-Multics.ARPA, I had to
	learn ACLS.  Ugh!  I found Mandatory Access easier to understand.
	Oh well, I now know enough to be dangerous (:-)]
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