map NIS and NT

piette Christine piette at
Thu Feb 5 12:29:26 GMT 1998

            Hi all,

Does anyone know how to unify passwords between NT 4 and  UNIX.

 We have an server UNIX and some UNIX stations who use the map NIS.
Now we want to add some workstations NT4 and one server NT4. But as we
have the same
users in the 2 systems, so we wanted that the password NT4 uses the map

For the moment  on NT workstation, from Network  Neighborhood, I double
click the Unix server name, I get a pop-up window and type in the Unix
login name and password in the "Connect  As" and "Password" fields.

But I want to connect to windows NT (At the first login) with the
password of LINUX.

Here my configuration of smb.conf


workgroup = NT_UNIX
null passwords = no     ; Si pas de mot de passe, on ne se logue pas
passwd program = /usr/bin/yppasswd

log file = /var/log/samba-log.%m
status = yes

lock directory = /var/lock/samba
locking = yes
strict locking = yes

security =user
socket options = TCP_NODELAY

   browsable = yes                      ; service vu par tout le monde
   mangled map = (*.html *.htm)         ; Conversion
   valid users = titine                  ; Groupe accepte
   path = /dos
   read only = no
   short preserve case = yes


Christine Piette
DESS Tele Informatique et Informatique Repartie (TIIR)
email:piette at

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