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Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Wed Feb 4 01:21:03 GMT 1998

At 08:40 27-01-98 +1100, Dan Davis wrote:
>I need to backup several shares from on several PCs onto one tape.  How
>can this be accompolished?

I'm sure there are *many* ways to do this. But, I'll tell you what we've done.
The shares, for each machine that wants to be backed-up, are mounted on the
backup machine (Caldera O-L) using smbmount. We bought BRU (network
version) and that runs backup, for the entire domain, on the smbfs and nfs
file systems that are mounted there. Our only limitiation is that we need
to go to 8GB DAT. 

This system has its limits and we have about 40GB spinning on-line at the
moment. This is much to large for any affordable tape system we've been
reviewing. Our problem is even worse, we are adding another 100GB of RAID5
in four months. All this on three, K6-based, Linux servers.

The network version of BRU is not cheap, but we feel it is definitely worth
the money. 

smbmount has a problem, in that, the user name and password MUST be
included in the command-line. We have not found a way around this.
Fortunately, this can be mitigated because that machine has no other users
and the scripts that do the mount are not NFS accessable.

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