Linux to Novell printing used to work

Mark Hansel hansel at
Tue Feb 3 18:03:34 GMT 1998

If this is answered in a HOWTO, just refer me to that. I have read many
without success. Some linux printing docs suggest samba print may be my

Printing from a Linux box to a Novell printer has worked through many
network changes and upgrades. My campus just moved to Novell 4.1 and
introduced a local spooler (286) between the server and the printer. After
the change to 4.1, a lantronic box lantronic box sat where the spooler is
now. That hardware failed and was replaced by the old 286.  This is the
exact moment printing failed. Currently, most of a file is dropped and
what is printed is fuzzy with a few gibberish characters in the left
The printer is HP-4p (non-postscript). I use lpd (lpc, lpq, lprm). 
Printcap defines the novell server and queue correctly (it did work). 
ghostscript translates to native HP format.

The linux box, the server and the spooler have static IPs

Linux			Server 	Gobs of 	Spooler---Printer1 (HP)
I			I	workstations	I
I			I			I

---Campus Backbone-----------------------------------------> Internet

This is a complex network and I am showing a very simplified version of
the local net (yes, over fiber shared by many sub-nets). 

Thank you kindly for any help.

Mark Hansel (218-236-2039)
hansel at

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