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Tue Feb 3 18:11:54 GMT 1998


i'm sure that there is one around somewhere, from people who've been using
gcc on sunos.

alternative 1) install gcc, even in a local user directory, and compile
up.  make sure you set the includes path to ~user/gcc/include....whatever
not /usr/include...whatever.

alternative 2) get a perl or parsing program to turn ansi-c function
headers into old-style non-ansi-c compliant headers.  this was
discussed... eighteen months ago (see digest archives) because they had
sunos 4.1.3 at my former workplace.


On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Predrag Gjuro Kladaric wrote:

> Dear people,
> is there the Samba binary package for SunOS 4.1.3 somewhere at the Internet?
> I quit unix few years ago, and a friend of mine asked me to find something
> that would enable his Windows to access his old SunOS workstation. I would
> rather like not to (re)investigate how to build it with his C compiler.
> I was not able to find it (the binary package for SunOS 4.1.3) on Samba pages.
> Thanks,
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> (Mr.) Predrag Gjuro Kladaric
> Trnsko 18 B, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
> pgklada at

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