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Page, Charles c.page at ic.ac.uk
Tue Feb 3 14:06:01 GMT 1998

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> Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 10:58:39 -0800
> From: Jeremy Allison <jallison at whistle.com>
> To: Magnus Hammerin <magnush at epact.se>
> Subject: Re: Problems with 1.9.18p2
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> You are hitting what I believe to be a bug
> in the NT redirector. I have a work around for the p2
> code which I am willing to send you if you are able
> to test it. If the work-aound fixes the bug it will 
> be in 1.9.18p3 - I am waiting for a few more confirmations
> that some changes I have made have fixed bugs before
> we issue a p3.
[Page, Charles]  I have encountered a similar, but different problem. I
upgraded to Samba 1.9.18p2 but fairly soon had error reports from users
on NT v4 workstations. Word documents could be saved to Samba
directories using 'Save As' but had permissions problems when attempting
a simple 'Save'. Microsoft Outlook failed to print due to problems with
renaming 'outlprnt'.

The Samba log files showed multiple errors such as:-
check_file_sharing: NT redirector workaround - rename attempted on batch
oplocked file docs/some filename.doc, dev = 8000f3, inode = cfbe4

Inserting 'oplocks = false' in smb.conf cleared the problem.

There were no problems with WfWG or Win95 systems.
I would be happy to test Jeremy's patch.



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