Win NT4 doesn't close all connections at logout

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Feb 2 18:33:55 GMT 1998

On 28 Jan 1998, Ulf Noren wrote:

> This problem is briefly mentioned in samba docs but
> the supposed fix doesn't really help...
> I have set roaming profiles, policys etc for NT4WS with
> samba 1.9.18.
> This works fairly well except for the profiles.
> When a user logs out NT connects to the profile-share on the
> samba server and upploads the users profile. The problem
> is that it doesn't disconnect this share when finished so
> the next person who logs in NT tries to dowload the previous
> users profile. This does not work and NT complains that the
> roaming profile can't be found and it uses the default profile.
> This makes a mess out of things :-(

yep, it does.
> So why is't it disconnecting? I can't see any reason for not
> disconnecting.

it's because there is a process WINLOGON.EXE that handles the logins.
_it_ connects to shares, not the user.  (WINLOGON.EXE runs the graphical
shell that you see, and does the equivalent of a setuid on the GUI

don't use logon path = \\%L\homes\profile: this will cause the
above-described problem.  use \\%L\%U\profile.

if that doesn't work, then give it a fixed share name \\%L\profiles\%U and
make sure that you set group write permission on the unix directory that
\\%L\profiles refers to.


> Would be really nice if this behaviour could be changed
> in  the registry or some such.

don't know.

> A kind of fix is to set "dead time"-parameter in samba.
> I set it to 5 minutes so if nobody logs on in this time
> the share is disconnected and everything is fine.
> I could set it to 1 minute and minimize THIS problem but
> but something tells me I would get others.

don't know: you would end up with delays as connections are

> Any help appreciated.
> /Ulf
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