Andreas Mueller (WF94w2) amuelle1 at
Mon Feb 2 09:02:38 GMT 1998

I am new at this list. This is also my first contact with Samba. I 
need it to set up a WINS-Server.
I have the following situation: 4 local networks and a 
masqueraded backbone net connected with a linux box as router. The 
WINS-Server should work for the 4 local networks.

This is my current configuration in smb.conf:

    allow hosts = 192.168.*.*
    bind interfaces only = True
    dns proxy = no
    interfaces = ; 
    netbios name = MCN-R1
    wins support = yes
    wins proxy = yes
    workgroup = MCN

Is this correct? What do I have to do, to see all the available hosts 
from the other networks on Windows NT in then Network Neighborhood as 
like they where in the network of the NT-Host? My intentional is that 
the users on the 4 networks can simply see all of their collegs on 
the hole local net.

Andreas Mueller
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