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 Thema: Re: public service & NT password server problem     

>> Can someone tell me how to setup a public service for everyone, not
>> only domain members?
>> When I examine my logfile, I can see that (for my NT box) unknown users
>> connect anonymous (as nobody, my guest account) to the IPC$-service,
>> but afterwards they try to connect with their username to the public
>> service, so my Samba/NT denies access ...
>See #define GUEST_SESSSETUP  in source/local.h
>As this is a compile time option, you will proably have to set up a
>separate samba server if you wish to maintain the login security on
>certain shares.
>What I did was to set up a guest samaba server that always validated as
>the guest account and only provided certain administrative files ( like
>patches, docs, etc... ) through it and kept another server to provide
>file / printer services to [homes] and other software.  Both of these
>servers were running on the same machine.
:-) Well, I think that's the best way to solve the problem!



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